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Gennaro Lendi was born in Naples on 10/15/1984, from a entrepreneurial family.

His slogan “born to ride” was in the air months before his birth. Although Gennaro belongs to a family completely afar from the equestrian world, his father’s inclination towards nature, and horses in particular, brought him to buy his son a pony months before his birth. This the expression coined by Gennaro himself- born to ride!

The pleasure and desire to communicate with the horse were already apparent from an early age when his father would follow him to reining shows and thanks to Vincenzo Caracciolo, Lendi discovered reining. He therefore began his training and competitive activities with the aid of different trainers, the first of all, Cliff Jay Hall, at the Torello QH, which marked an important phase in Lendi’s training. Therefore reining became part of Lendi’s life.

Another important step occured at Oliviero Toscani’s equestrian center where he had the opportunity to ride side by side with Riccardo Landi and Rocco Toscani. There he began to win his first titles at a national level which brought him to ride with one of the best Italian reiners, Dario Carmignani.

Lendi was greatly influenced by Carmignani’s reining style and with his advice he began winning in the special event categories at Non-Pro level.

Lendi won his first Futurity with a horse bought from Eleuterio Arcese, who later will become a great sponsor for Lendi’s popularity as a professional reining trainer and often gave him horses of great talent to show with. It was with one of these horses, My Show Biz Whiz, that Lendi won the most prestigious European event, the IRHA Futurity Open. This horse was bought just before the final by another businessman, Paolo Ambrosini, who would also have a long and successful partnership with Lendi.

Lendi has won numerous titles over the years. He has been Champion or Reserve Champion in almost every European Special Event and World Championship. In 2011 he won the first edition of the NRHA European Derby Championship with Piccolo Spanish owned by the businessman Giancarmine Sabatino and his victorious headstall is at the Reining Hall of Fame in Oklahoma. He has also won many medals in FEI competitions, among which his gold medal with the Italian National Team and his bronze medal at Individual level i n the 2008. On August 13, 2016 Gennaro Lendi and Yankee Gun conquered the historical world individual gold medal during SVAG FEI World reining championship in Geneva.

Gennaro Lendi is a professional trainer in Tuscany in the stable of Oliviero Toscani and he is aided by his brother Francesco who has been a consistent point of reference both for his work and private life.

His clients are some of the most famous European breeding centers

He shows worldwide and has ridden with some of the best international reiners such as Dario Carmignani, Todd Bergen, Andrea Fappani and Shawn Flarida.

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